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General description

Swismed Centrum Zdrowia S.A. operates in the market of medical services. Its activity is focused on two core business areas:

  1. Medical Operator
    Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia provides medical services including:
    • out-patient specialist consultations in several clinics (Gdansk, Wileńska 44 and Jaśkowa Dolina 132, and Gdynia, Armii Krajowej and Pruszcz Gdanski), offering diagnostic tests (endoscopy, ultrasound, X-ray, CT, laboratory tests, etc.) and medical advice in the range of medical specializations (internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, urology, andrology, dermatology, general surgery and oncology, paediatrics, orthopedics, diabetology, neurology, gastroenterology, ENT and occupational medicine).
    • planned surgical operations, conducted since March 2004 on the basis of company’s own infrastructure located in Gdansk, Wilenska 44 (until then in a rented part of Studencki Hospital).
  2. Infrastructure Operator
    These activities involve the construction and operation of facilities associated with health care and the creation of systems to manage these institutions.

The concept of hospital management by separating two functional units, i.e. Infrastructure Operator and Medical Operator, was developed on the basis of knowledge and experience of foreign consultants from the US, the UK aa well as Polish managers. It is characterized by a commercial approach to provision of medical services and the use of medical infrastructure.

The aim of Medical Operator is the realization of benefits to business partners, including the National Health Fund (NFZ), as well as the effective use of basic medical personnel by providing services to doctors running private medical practices and external health care institutions, that use the Company's infrastructure to provide care to their patients.

The aim of Infrastructure Operator is the best possible use of existing medical infrastructure, i.e. ensuring maximum use of hospital facilities, which naturally leads to support the activities of Medical Operator to obtain as many patients and collaborating physicians as possible. According to the company’s policy Infrastructure Operator rents out the facilities (each part) under the terms of co-usage to doctors conducting individual medical practices and external health care institutions and runs its own health care center.

Apart from this, Swissmed as Infrastructure Operator carries out investment activities aimed at the construction and operation of healthcare facilities and creating management systems for private health care institutions.

Flexibility in the range of services offered is achieved through the universality of the infrastructure, minimizing the number of own staff providing a basic level of care, extensive cooperation with high-class external specialists who perform specific services (consultations, treatments) using the facilities of Infrastructure Operator and core staff of Medical Operator.

Basic products, services and markets

The Company's offer covers a very wide range of medical services that can be classified into the following groups of services:

  • primary health care,
    specialized diagnostics including specialized testing and consultations with specialists, including m. al. internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery,
  • hospital treatment (surgery)
    medical services for foreign entities, ie. surgical assistance, anesthetics, postoperative care,
  • occupational medicine,
  • medical judicature for insurance companies,
  • preventive testing and periodic testing of drivers.

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