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New Investment

11 years after the IPO Swissmed Group starts investment activities aimed at creating new Care and Rehabilitation Center intended primarily for the elderly, dependent, chronically ill patients and patients requiring rehabilitation. The new center will be built on a plot of 1.7 hectares bordering the Swissmed hospital in Gdansk. It will be dealt with by Swissmed’s subsidiary, Swissmed Opieka.

Once again Swissmed shows that in terms of innovation of medical services it is trying to be a step forward: it was the first medical company in Poland to introduce its shares to public trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Swissmed hospital was the first private hospital built in Pomerania and the first hospital in Gdansk to be accredited by the Centre for Monitoring Quality in Health Care. Today, following demographic changes, it starts the investment in Care and Rehabilitation Centre under a new brand name of Swisscare.

The main principle is the complexity of services offered at the center. In addition to the Nursing Home and day care center for the elderly and disabled, there will also be complete medical facilities in the form of a medical care and treatment center, hospital ward with operating block and an outpatient clinic, where in addition to a primary care physician, there will also be a geriatrician and a rehabilitation doctor. The emphasis will be rehabilitation, hence the recreational and sports area will have a swimming pool and rooms equipped for rehabilitation of individuals and groups. Residents and patients will also have access to state of the art diagnostic laboratory and imaging tests in the existing Swissmed hospital.

Additionally, the Center will provide social and educational activities in its Academies of Education and Culture, Welfare Volunteer Center and Training Center for medical and social workers. There will be lectures, workshops and activities to promote health and physical activity as well as training sessions for people involved in the sphere of nursing and medical care.

A completely innovative approach to senior care is reflected in the planned opening of a nursery for children who require rehabilitation and healthy children, where the youngest will be able to integrate with the inmates of the nursing home. Among the proposed activities for the two generations there will be gardening, cooking workshops, a sports club and DIY club, art therapy workshops, reading books, etc. Such program will give inmates the opportunity to participate fully in the life of local communities and the city.

In the next stage of the investment Swissmed will build a housing estate with apartments for senior citizens who do not require 24/7 care. The residents will also be able to use both medical, educational and social facilities. The closeness of the hospital and medical care facilities will inevitably make the offer both attractive and unique.

The project will be financed partly from Swissmed’s own funds (obtained from the sale of the hospital in Warsaw) as well as through financial institutions and possible EU funding.

For several months Swissmed has been running a pilot program aimed at collecting experience and opinions on the care provided for the elderly. The existing market interest allows to asses the new strategy of the company as a step in the right direction.

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